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An online community for Pet Lovers, those involved in and those who support pet rescue, dog and all animal rescues.

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What is Pet Rescue Life?

We are an online community for Pet Lovers, those involved in and those who  support rescue. We are committed to improving the quality of life for  all pets and the people who love them. 


All too often rescue groups and individuals take on a confrontational, us against them mentality. They will often chastise and criticize groups, or individuals that have a different approach.

Not us, we believe in the old saying "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar". We always try to educate and support and to never castigate of ridicule. 

Please come back often

Our website is under construction. We will be adding stories, articles and fun information.

In the meantime you will find a great deal of useful, fun and informative information on our facebook page.

Our Featured Story

Introducing a kitten to your family of dogs, part 1.

We have had Rottweilers and Cats living together peacefully for a couple decades. Here we are documenting the process of how we are introducing our rescue kitten George to our family, including our two Rottweilers Doc and Dyna.

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